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1. How to register?

Registration for “Capper Trophy” is very simple and takes no more than a minute. By clicking on the “Registration” button in the upper right corner of the site, you are directed to the registration page, where you just have to come up with a nickname, enter your email address and select the country of residence. Also come up with a password and agree to the rules of the site by clicking on the appropriate checkmark. After that, click on the "register" button and you should receive an email with the link to activate your account in Capper Trophy. After you click on the link and thereby activate your account, you can go to your page by entering your email address and password (all this is also duplicated in the registration letter). If the registration letter with the activation link did not come to your mail, we kindly ask you to check the SPAM folder. If you do not find a letter there, then write to us at support service .

2. How do I recover my password if I forgot or lost it?

If you have lost or forgotten your password, then you can easily reset it by clicking on the "reset password" button. An email will be sent to your email address specified during registration with a link to reset your password. Following the link from the letter, you will be directed to the page where you need to come up with a new password. Then it is business as usual.

4. How is the “Tipsters Rating” different from the “Prize Rating”?

"Tipsters rating" displays all tipsters of the Capper Trophy site in order of earned profit in units (the site's game currency simulating real money), starting with the most successful. Inactive forecasters who have not published a single pick for the last 7 days are excluded. There are different sorting options in the “Predictors Ranking” that will allow you to instantly display the predictors with the highest YIELD, success rate, and specialists in various sports.

“Prize rating” shows only the top 20 best tipsters of the month. In order for a tipster to get into the “Prize Rating”, he needs to publish at least 30 picks per month, be active (have at least one forecast in the last 7 days), and also know that the outcomes of events with odds above 5.00 do not count profit for the Prize Rating. Also, to be present in the Prize Rating this month, the percentage of winning picks must be higher than 52 percent and profit growth of at least 15 percent. In order to minimize the possibility of creating many accounts, the Prize Rating only includes tipster with over 400 picks with a odds above 1.30 and an YIELD of at least 5 percent.

5. What is Capper Trophy?

CapperTrophy.com is the international league of tipsters. Capper Trophy brings together proffesionals and lovers of sports tipping. Anyone with talent and knowledge can use this platform to become a successful tipster and earn a stable income.

Our monthly tournament has the biggest prizepool (wirte to us if you fnd bigger) and motivates tipsters to schieve significant results. Users can purchase picks and take on the bookmakers. All the stats provided on our website about each tipster are fully verified and accurate and cannot be falsified.

6. What is drawdown?

Drawdown is the percentage by which the tipsters game bank has decreased over a certain period of time. Drawdown is an important indicator for determining the stability of a tipster. 

Let's look at the “drawdown” with an example: the user decided to purchase a paid subscription to the tipster. It can be seen from the graph in the “general statistics” of the forecaster that the maximum “drawdown” for all time reached 42% (you can choose any period for Capper Trophy, the picture shows a random graph for July 2018). This means that in a short betting distance, the tipster lost 420 units from a bank with a size of 1000 units, which is 42 percent.

See the picture: suppose a user bought a subscription to a tipster at the beginning of the month, when the tipster had a bank of 10,000 units, and then the bank was lowered to 5835 units, which is 42 percent less than the bank at the time of purchase. 42 percent - this is the maximum drawdown for July.

Capper Trophy shows the percentage of drawdown for each tipster, so that the user is aware of what percentage of his real bank he could lose, following the predictions of the tipster. If it is above 70% of the bank, it is better not to cooperate with this tipster because there is a high risk of losing your money. A drawdown of up to 50% is acceptable; you can cooperate with such a tipster. An exception is tipsters with risky strategies, but with high profitability, here calculate the risks yourself, it may make sense to reduce the size of the forecaster's rates to 0.5 - 1 percent of the bank.

7. How to predict monthly profit for a tipster

For calculation we use the following indicators:

1) the average number of picks of a tipster per calendar month


3) the average percentage of the bank used by the subscriber to copy picks at the bookmaker.

For example: an XYZ capper publishes an average of 170 picks per month and has an YIELD of 5.5%, while the subscriber puts an average of 3 percent of the bankroll on each bet at bookmakers.

A simple formula multiplies these indicators 170 * 5.5% * 3% = 28.05%

This means that by subscribing to the picks of XYZ Mapper, you can approximately earn 28% of your bankroll.

Please note that you should always look at the maximum drawdown allowed by the tipster, and understand that if it is more than 80 percent, then you risk losing your bankroll with such a tipster.

8. Why do tipsters put no more than 5 percent of the bankroll?

A professional approach to the game implies the prevalence of weighted bets, each of which should not exceed 5 percent of your total bankroll. Those who constantly earn on bets put no more than 1-3 percent of the bankroll.

For example, you decide that your total bankroll, which you can risk, is 100,000 rubles. By purchasing a subscription to a tipster for 30 days, and accurately repeating all of his picks with the bookmaker, while risking no more than 5 percent of these 100,000 rubles for each bet, you significantly increase your chances of having a stable profit for the end of this month. Suppose the forecaster gave a picks for the amount of 3 percent of the bank, you put 3,000 rubles on your bet (3 percent of 100,000 rubles). The next pick that you copy from the tipster, for example, is 2.5 percent of the bankroll, and you already bet 2.5 percent of the amount with the bookmaker (100,000 rubles - 3,000 rubles) = 97,000 rubles, i.e. 2425 rubles. Thus, “Capper Trophy”, makes a limit on the pick rate of 5 percent.

The main thing is to choose a stable and disciplined tipster, who "over time" shows positive statistics. Discipline can produce wonderful results!

9. Does Capper Trophy change the statistics of tipsters?

No! “Capper Trophy” is not interested in cheating. 2-3 days will be enough for you to understand that the site is working honestly. At the software level, it is impossible to swap anything after the event. Therefore, choose wisely based on the tipsters transparent statistics.

10. How to start earning?

All you need to start earning is to subscribe to the tipster you like and start copying his picks in the bookmaker. You need to determine the amount of the bankroll that you want to invest and bet exactly as much of the bankroll as your tipster predicts. “Capper Trophy” strongly recommends placing no more than 5 percent of the bankroll on one bet, so as not to drain the entire bank due to a possible drawdown. Professionals who are always in the black over time bet no more than 2-3 percent of the bankroll. It is very important that you understand that it is a pleasure to realize a constant “profit” over time rather than just the nerves of one or two large bets.

Your statistics in the bookmaker will be identical to the statistics of the tipster on the site for the subscription period only if you do not miss a single pick published by them. All published picks will be sent to you by message in the mail and / or sms on your mobile phone immediately after publication. You can also see all the picks in the picks feed of this expert. When you purchase a subscription for full access to all picks, you can see any paid pick on the site.


11. How to choose a tipster to follow?

Before you start earning money, Capper Trophy suggests you visit the "Tipster Rating" section. Here you will find the best tipsters rated by YIELD. This section also allows you to sort tipsters by other criteria such as average odds, overall profit, number of picks etc.

Once you have chosen a tipster, we suggest visiting his page and looking at his stats even closer. Each tipsters page has a wealth of stats to help you choose the tipster that is best for you and will help you beat the bookmakers.

12. How to earn even more and what is the “Line with TOP odds”?

Suppose you have chosen a stable tipster, and copying his picks with real money bets brings you a stable monthly income. But how can you earn even more? What costs can be significantly saved? 

The most important expenses that you will incur are related to the margin of the bookmaker you use to place your bets. The odds on the outcomes of the events on which the picks are made are different for all bookmakers. Attention: “Capper Trophy” offer absolutely free of charge, a real-time odds comparison section for all outcomes of events in the “Odds Comparison” section.

 “Capper Trophy” advises having accounts with multiple bookmakers, including foreign ones, so as not to lose on winning bets. Suppose you constantly play at bookmaker X, and you bet 50,000 rubles on Real Madrid with a coefficient of 1.75. Your net winnings are 50,000 * 1.75 = 87,500 - 50,000 = 37,500 rubles. BUT, if you looked at the bookmakers that give the highest odds for Real Madrid in the “Odds Comparison” section, you would see that a lot of bookmakers give for the victory of Real @ 1.82, and your win would have been 41 000 rubles, this is as much as 3500 rubles higher than that of bookmaker X. Considering that you make bets at times more than one bet per month, the total amount of money donated to high-margin bookmakers becomes huge amounts.

 Do not be afraid to open accounts with different bookmakers, and do not give away your money anymore. Competition is a great thing! Use the “Odds Comparison” section absolutely free on “Capper Trophy”!

13. How much can I earn?

The amount of your monthly earnings will depend on the size of your bank. The main thing is not profit per month, the main thing is profit over time, for example, for a year, triple bankroll, although any given month may be minus. 

We recommend choosing tipsters who have published a minimum of 200 picks, and whose profit has been positive for at least the last couple of months. For example, take the Betsprofi website tipster, which over the past two months (at the time of writing this article), has had gains of 172 and 50 percent, respectively. betting his picks in the bookmakers with a bank size of 50,000 rubles, you would have earned 222 percent of net income, 111,000 rubles. 

 Do not forget about the “golden rule”: never put more than 5 percent of the bank, and best of all put 1-3 percent. This will save you from draining the bank and your profit will grow steadily from month to month.

14. Do the odds on the site differ from the odds in the bookmakers?

At “Capper Trophy” all the odds are relevant and often even lower than at any average bookmaker. This is done so that the statistics of the tipster does not differ from the statistics of the subscriber at the bookmakers, and so that the subscribers do not have the impression that the odds on “Capper Trophy” are inflated. Also, any user can see the highest odds in different bookmakers absolutely free of charge in the “Odds Comparison” section or by clicking on the “magnifying glass” icon in the coupon of any pick.

15. How to pay a subscription to a tipster

You can pay a subscription to a tipster with a qiwi wallet or a credit/debit card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express). With the balance of your mobile phone, subscription payment is only available for residents of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

16. How can I communicate with tipsters?

On each personal page of the tipster you are interested in, you can exchange messages with him in the "Comments" section, as well as get acquainted with personal information about the tipster in the "Information" section. You can ask at what bookmakers the tipster plays, how many picks they plan to publish per day in the near future, how long he has been engaged in tipping, whether he plans to go on vacation, etc. In general, you can ask any question that interests you.

17. What if I miss the pick?

After the pick is published by the tipster, you will immediately receive a notification by e-mail, and if you have a paid subscription, then an SMS will be sent to your mobile phone. In the “Subscriptions” and “Paid Subscriptions” sections, you need to enable the function of sending notifications. The service is free. When you purchase a subscription to access all tipsters, you will receive only a notification in the mail with the newly published pick, and all picks on the site will be available to you.

18. How do I become a paid tipster?

Go to your page by clicking on the icon of your avatar. Then you can open an amateur or professional account of your choice.

An amateur account will allow you to practice tipping, and you can earn from sales of paid subscriptions of your picks. But participation in prize programs for an amateur account is impossible.

To participate in the monthly contest and the "streak series", you need to open a professional account. A user caon only have one professional account, and any number of amateur accounts. It is forbidden to open professional accounts for your wife, relatives or friends.

No matter which tipster account you create, you can receive an invitation from Capper Trophy to become a paid forecaster after you publish at least 30 picks and your profit is at least 25 percent of the original bank. The currency of the site are units marked with a gold coin. You must also publish picks for at least 15 days.

20. How are Capper Trophy picks calculated?

Capper Trophy forecasts are automatically calculated usually within half an hour of the end of the event. In some types of competitions there are delays of up to 24 hours. All picks, according to the Capper Trophy rules, are calculated within 48 hours after their completion. If within 48 hours we have not calculated, or calculated incorrectly, then please write to the support service.

21. Is it true that Capper Trophy pays prize money to the top 20 tipsters of the month?

Yes, we paid, we pay, and we will pay all the tipsters who entered the top 20 of the month according to the Capper Trophy rules:

1) at least 30 picks for the current month

2) profit factors are taken into account for odds below 5.00

3) the tipster must give at least one pick for 7 days

4) the tipster must publish at least 400 picks with odds above 1.30 from the moment of registration on the site

5) YIELD of at least 5 percent from the moment of registration on the site

6) the percentage of wins in the current month should be higher than 52 percent

7) profit growth for the current month should be more than 15 percent.

All prize money is paid out by the 20th day of each month. Prize amounts can be seen in the "Prize Rating" section by scrolling down the page.

22. How much can I earn as a paid tipster?

Here a lot depends on your ability to make predictions without drawdowns. Your subscribers will be loyal to you when they feel a stable return on your work. If every month you bring even a small but stable income, the number of subscribers will constantly grow, and you will be able to earn really decent money. Do not try to take first place every month in the competition in order to get $ 1,000 in prize money, because you can earn much more by selling subscriptions where you need balanced and meaningful picks. You will receive half the cost of the subscription within 10 days of the end of the subscription. You can also earn on "streak series".

23. Can I earn more than 50 percent of the subscription price?

Yes you can. If you have 100+ active paid subscribers, then you earn 70 percent of the cost of the subscription.

24. How do I get paid for my subscription?

You will receive money within 10 days of the end of the paid subscription to your account. You must fulfill a number of conditions for this: for subscriptions for 7 days, you must publish at least 7 picks and have at least 6 percent profit growth at the end of the subscription. For subscriptions for 15 days, you must publish at least 10 picks and have at least 10 percent growth profit. For subscriptions for 30 days, you must publish at least 15 picks and have at least 12 percent profit growth at the end of the subscription.

25. Can I delete an already published picks?

No, the picks can not be deleted or corrected. Please be careful!

26. Can I give my personal data to users, including personal mobile phone numbers, email, Instagram page etc.?

Leaving contact information about yourself is strictly prohibited. You can write about yourself, your experience in tipping, and answer any professional questions. All messages and any information on “Capper Trophy” is moderated. 

27. Can I have 2 accounts?

It is strictly forbidden to have 2 accounts on “Capper Trophy”, if they are identified, all accounts will be blocked without prize payments and payments for completed subscriptions.

28. Can I set the cost of subscriptions?

Yes, you can. After you become a paid tipster, you need to set the cost of subscriptions in the "Rates" section in your settings. “Capper Trophy” offers price ranges, and you yourself choose and set the final cost of the subscription.

29. How many picks are best given per day?

According to Capper Trophy rules, you cannot publish more than 25 picks per day, but we strongly recommend focusing on the quality of the picks, rather than on their quantity. 2-4 picks per day is quite enough for your subscribers, because the main thing is that most of them win. Focus on a couple of sports and several leagues, watch matches, develop your own tipping style based on a deep immersion in predictable sports events. The time spent on this fascinating journey will pay off for you with material satisfaction from the sales of picks and thanks from devoted subscribers.

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