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Betting school to become a successful punter

Dear users, welcome to the "Betting School" section. We will help you understand the principles of betting how make money on bets with minimal risk. Here you will find articles for beginners as well as a lot of useful information for those who play for a long time, but cannot call themselves a “winning” player. We'll dispel the myths that are used by fraudulent tipsters sites and draw clear steps to start earning. Following our recommendations, you will have the opportunity to consistently earn money. Time to enjoy the game...

Betting Basics
Information and advice on how to make betting profitable. You will learn what YIELD, distance, passage and dispersion is and how to use this and other knowledge to make informed decisions and earn money.
Types of sports betting
Here you can learn about the different markets. Totals, handicaps, how does a European handicap differ from an Asian handicap, etc. We recommend all users read this section.
Betting strategies that work
Here you will find game strategies that really work and generate income "at a distance". You will also learn about those strategies that are categorically contraindicated to the "winners".
Capper Trophy User Articles
Publish your articles and picks as an independent expert. Share your experiences, helping each other become better in your favorite business. Articles are moderated.
Glossary of Terms
In this article you will find definitions of the main terms used in sports betting and used in the betting markets. The glossary will be constantly updated.
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